brick wallpaper from your4walls
brick wallpaper from your4walls

Why Choose Wallpaper?


Wallpaper allows one to play with texture, colour, depth and a blend of bold patterns that paint alone cannot make it possible to express and with advancements in wallpaper technology; “paste the wall” feature has come forth. This essentially has made it easier to install and remove wallpapers.


There is also little or no messy situations with paste the wall technology since it’s easily done by oneself; it’s easy DIY.  Paste the wall wallpapers are an ideal choice if you are looking to drastically transform your house and living space, creating harmony and beauty.



Paste the Wall Technology


The new and advanced paste the wall technology makes designing with wallpaper as easy as a hot knife through butter. Basically, anyone can do it, you don’t need professionals or experienced personnel to install them. The non-woven backing of the paste the wall technology is the secret and this allows installation by hanging it straight off the roll without the need for pre-soaking or messy application means.



Benefits of Paste the Wall Technology


1. Easy Installation

Paste the wall technology has put all types of people on the forefront, making it the ideal choice for anyone to use. Instead of the usual, paste applying, soaking and overall messy work, with paste the wall, apply adhesive to the entire wall and stick sheets of the dry wallpaper. It couldn’t get any simpler, could it?


2. Easy Removal

Unlike the usual 70s to 90s wallpaper technology, paste the wall technology allows for easier removal, just in one simple tug, and no residues from middle ripping.


3. A Vast Range of Patterns in Every Style Imaginable!

Nothing says a wide catalogue of style, like paste the wall wallpapers, due to their ease of use, developing it is also easier, with a pantheon of antique and contemporary themes to choose from.



Hanging Wallpaper with Paste the Wall Technology


Paste the Wall

The first step is usually to apply the adhesive onto the wall, use a paint roller for maximum efficiency and a hand paint brush to reach those stubborn areas. However, it should be noted that you need to paint adhesives section-wise as you fix the wallpaper, all the way systematically and not on all the walls first because the adhesive will dry before you apply the wallpaper. This ensures the adhesive is economized and preserved.


Apply Wallpaper

The next step is to apply the strip of wallpaper, ensuring the corner is aligned well and ensure you leave off a few inches for later trimming. When aligned, slowly but firmly unroll the strip of wallpaper smoothing it to ensure there are no air spaces trapped that would damage the wallpaper with time.


Trim Excess

When smoothing out perfectly, now it is the time to trim off the few inches you left out earlier, use a pair of scissors for this job as it makes clean cuts. Ensure to gently pull off and cut from the edge for a perfect fit. Gently wipe off any paste off the surface of the wallpaper with a clean moistened sponge.



brick wallpaper from your4walls brick wallpaper from your4walls brick wallpaper from your4walls brick wallpaper from your4walls
brick wallpaper from your4walls
brick wallpaper from your4walls