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About Us

Your4walls is an Online Independent British Interior Store.


From a young age, Interior design was instilled into me. brought up in a household where my mother constantly changed our home décor, (An activity started anytime from 1am onwards, I might add) I would often wake up to a newly decorated room in our family home.

My professional working life started as an insurance underwriter & then an account manager whilst interiors were always a hobby. I would help friends & family choose homeware and wallpaper. I then decided to take evening classes in Interior Design. Obsessed with interior magazines and after managing a wallpaper website, the next progression was setting up an online store. And in 2011 offering just 30 wallpaper designs the website went live.

Your4walls has evolved from being an online wallpaper retailer to a Curated Interior Web Store, selling own branded wallpaper, along with Soft Furnishings, Wallpaper & Furniture

We cherry pick the best products and designs for the online store, so you don’t have to,

The aim is to help you Wow Your Interior, Be Different!